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Youth Development. Myths & Tips

The school holidays is a great time of the year for parents to get their kids improving their health and development with the correct gym routine.

For this reason i am going to go through some quick tips, scientific support and reasons why every child and parent should take full advantage of this time of the year to get a youth development plan started.

1. Resistance training does'nt strictly mean heavy weights. Although weights is one form of resistance most youth programmes would begin with body weight as the resistance and also include flexibility and mobility exercises. This can progress to resistance bands, Medicine balls, unstable surfaces and eventually weughts.

2. Safety. A resistance plan is not only safe for youth but has a number of huge benefits such as:

  • Improved movement & motor skills
  • Mental & social development
  • Facilitates weight control
  • Strengthens bones
  • Increases resistance to Injuries


3. Scientigic support - The World Health Organisation 2010 - recommend for youth aged 5-17 participation in planned exercise activities which include those that strengthen muscle & bone.

Myth 1 - Minimum age? - A study in 2009 by Faigenbaum & westeoff concluded that children can begin resistance training when they have the emotional maturity to accept and follow instructions or directions. In most cases if a child is ready to play sport then he or sheis ready to resistance train.

Myth 2 - Stunts growth? - In all research carried out in the area of youth resistance training there has been no reports of injury to growth cartilage or anything to suggest that it will negatively impact growth and maturation during childhood and adolescents.

It is however vital that children do not recieve 'watered down' adult programmes.

Programmes must be specific to their abilities and stage of development and need to be supervised and designed by a coach who is qualified and experienced so that the child develops adequately and safely.

Part of the training of the child is providing education which helps their decision making when they are away from the coach.




Irish Times review our Body & Mind Retreat

It is fantastic to be featured in the Irish Times regarding active holidays with our Body & Mind Retreat. This three day retreat is for anyone looking to learn the skills needed to reach your ideal health & body shape through one to one personal training sessions, personalised healthy eating plans, spa treatments and much more.

For anyone interested in improving your lifestyle our next retreat is on the 11th-13th of August. Get in contact to book a place or weekend that suits you or your group.

Please find the link below for further reading. 


Galway Camogie - Training camp

 Galway camogie recently attended Aspire for some team bonding and training over an full 2 day camp.

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Muck Off Cancer

Muck Off Cancer Mud Run 



Get your friends and make a team of four or sign up on your own for a mud run in aid of the Marie Keating Foundation on Sunday, 30 April 2017 in  Clara House, Clara, Offaly. It is an exhilarating, energy sapping but adrenaline pumping 7km course that will test your stamina and endurance but also give you an amazing laugh! And best of all, it’s for a great cause!


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Speed Development for Athletes

Speed Development for Athletes.


With our speed development workshops taking place this weekend at Aspire our blog will focus on this topic this week.

In the sports coaching world there are a lot of myths and misconceptions thrown around as well as a huge misuse of the term speed training. Even though there are more coaches appearing with good knowledge in the area of sports performance it is still surprising how much of this mentality still exists.

One misconception I have witnessed too many times is that lots of shorts sprints at the end of a long endurance based session is ‘speed work’ when actually it is probably having the opposite effect.

Another misconception that we hear too much is ‘weights training will only slow you down’ or ‘forget about gym programmes after the winter’. 

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Speed Development Workshop

Speed Development Workshop 

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Body & Mind Retreat

    Body & Mind Retreat.

 Learn & Practice the Skills Needed to Reach your ideal Health & Body Shape



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Exercise & Mental Health

Exercise & Mental Health

"Although exercise is better known for weight loss, fitness and improving muscle tone, it has been shown to have a positive effect on Depression, Anxiety and ADHD."

An article on the positive effects of exercise on mental health by Joseph Quinn. Joe takes you through the changes that happen to your mental health as a result of exercise, click on the link below to read the full article.

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Classes are back from September!!!

That time of the year again, Kids back to school, Adults back to the Gym!

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Declan Slevin representing Ireland at the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games

Our Client Declan Slevin will represent Ireland in the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games!!

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Terenure College Senior Cup Rugby Team

Read about when the Terenure College Senior Rugby Team came to Aspire in November for a pre-season training camp.

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Aspire trains Fr Pierre Pepper to success in charity boxing fight

A big congratulations to Fr. Pierre Pepper who participated in a charity white collar boxing match in Banagher on Saturday 14th March. He has been making good use of our personal training sessions and has come on leaps and bounds. Check out the story in the Irish independent with the following link.…/fr-pierre-swaps-dog-collar-for-…