Personal Training

Personal Training

Achieve your health and fitness goals quicker and more effectively with expert guidance every step of the way. Avoid the pitfalls of the 'fad' diets and ineffective exercises which exist, with the best exercise & diet advice suited to your individual needs. Keep motivation levels high with constant monitoring and progression of your programme to keep exercise stimulating & enjoyable.


Personalised Fitness | Assesment

A range of fitness tests will be carried out to establish your current fitness level, including body composition analysis. These are used to see the benefits of the exercise programme.


Individual Fitness Programme Design

Exercise programmes which are most effective to achieve and maintain your specific targets.


Strength & Conditioning

Programmes designed for individuals who want to increase body strength or conditioning for their specific sport or event


One To One Sessions

Give your exercise programme a boost no matter what stage it may be at with an energetic personal exercise session to ensure that your training is going in the right direction.


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